Brand Identity - Annual

Project Overview:
At the end of 2016, the adidas Brand Identity team wanted to create a magazine highlighting all of the work that was done during the previous year. Rather than focusing on all of the finished work, we wanted to put an emphasis on the designs that hit the cutting room floor, fell off the artboards, and didn't make it to the final presentation.

The result was a large format magazine of experimentations, works in progress, and a fold out poster that acted as the cover. This was distributed globally throughout the company and served to inspire and prevoke conversations about design.

Lead Designer, Production 
Photo Spreads: 3, 5, 12, 16, 17, 18 

Damien Webb, Ed Baigrie, Chris Erickson, Matt Locascio, Russell Pritchard, Tayler Hallbrook, Niko Singer, Andre Hilario, Hans-Juergen Rienert, Leslie Hicano