Adidas Failfest

Project Overview:
Adidas Failfest was an event that members of Global Brand Design helped conceptualize and produce from the very beginning. We started out by identifying the theme of failure, and how most creatives at some point in their career have failed at something, yet always seem to learn and grow from the experience. We collaborated with emplyees from within adidas, as well as bringing in professionals from various industries to talk about their experiences.

From adidas:
Calling All Creators: FAILFEST - exploring the power and potential of failure. The theme of failure within our creative process is a powerful one, and the speakers will touch upon this theme in various ways. We intend to spur dialogue, inspire, and to bring our creative community together to share and celebrate the power of ideas. It is an experience for all of us in the adidas Creative Community. It is designed to spark minds and open new doors to collaboration & activism.

Design, Animation, Production Coordination, Logistics

Creative Team:
Damien Webb, Ed Baigrie, Chris Erickson, Matt Locascio

Lucy Nobles, Sabrah DeVoir